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Bob Ross, BOB ROSS, ROSS, bobross, BOBRO S S.

Irelands greatest Bob Ross"WET ON WET"
qualified instructor.

Even if you have never painted before, are the least bit hesitant to begin painting, or have been painting, but would like additional guidance in the Bob Ross "Wet on Wet" technique, then attending a workshop given by David Willis, a certified Bob Ross instructor, is a valuable experience guaranteed to enrich your life

If you wish to find out more about the Ross Technique please contact:-

David Willis, C.R.I., O.S.C.I.,
Lower Bearforest, Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Tel 022. 21001. Int (353-2221001)


Information for all those who are able to receive the TG4 television service from Ireland
The all new series will run at the new viewing time of 12.30pm every Tuesday

David has now recorded 110 T.V., shows to date & has been commissioned to produce 13 more in the future


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